10 Things to do in Sarahan

1.Bhimkali Temple

The Temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali in the form Bhimakali and is a famous pilgrimage destination among Hindus. The temple is one of the 51 Shakti Peetha in the Indian sub-continent. A Shakti Peetha is the divine chair of the goddess and marks the place where body parts from Goddess Sati’s corpse fell. The presiding Bhimakali goddess has been portrayed here as maiden and as a woman. Until the early 19th century, Human sacrifices were made within the temple premises to please the presiding deity. The temple houses various weapons used during the reign of Bushahrs. Even today, animal sacrifices are performed as offering to Bhimakali.

2.Shanti Kunj Palace

This palace in Sarahan belonged to the Bushahr kings who once ruled the region, is a fine example of Tibetan architecture. Information about the year of construction of the palace is not known.

3.Lanka Vir Temple

Lanka Vir Temple is situated in the courtyard of the ancient Bhimakali Temple in Sarahan. At a little distance from the Bhimakali Temple there is Shiva temple visited by devotees of Lord Shiva every Monday.

4.Kufri Fun World

LThere are no places of interest for children within Sarahan except few local clubs with one or two slides. But if Kufri is in your itinerary, your kids have a lot to cheer about. The Kufri Fun World has a number of rides and fun activities for the kids. The little ones can enjoy snow skiing and snow bike rides in Manali during winters as well.


There is a small museum inside the Bhimakali temple complex that houses weapons used during the ancient times by the Bushahr kings. This collection is open to public but photography is not allowed within any part of the temple complex. For a detailed exploration of history of the region, you should head towards Shimla where Himachal State museum, Army Heritage Museum and Rail Museum have a huge collections of artefacts, documents and historical items at display.

6.The Great Himalayan National Park in Sarahan

The Great Himalayan National Park and Govind Pashu National Park are relatively close to Sarahan. Both the parks are home to rich flora and fauna of the region. To name the local parks near Sarahan, MehraGarden, Manj Baun and ACCPark are the closest.

7.Bird Park

Bird Park close to the Bhimakali Temple Complex is a pheasant breeding centre that houses the Himachal State bird Monal.

8.Bhaba Valley

Bhaba Valley is another beautiful spot along Bhaba River, located at nearly 50 kilometres from Sarahan. The road to valley originates at Wangtu. The spot is famous for its beautiful landscape, alpine meadows and a small reservoir lake.

9.Shrikhand Manadev Peak

Shrikhand Manadev Peak is a peculiar spot near Sarahan. The peak stands among the snow peaked Himalayan ranges and is the only one whose top remains clear of snow even during heavy snowfalls.


Rampur is the riverside transit point on the way to Sarahan via NH22. It also marks the last township after which you enter the remote places of Sangla Valley and Kinnaur. As one enters Sarahan there is a gateway marking entrance of the valley. The entire town of Sarahan is based around the BhimakaliTemple marking it an important landmark in the region.