10 things to do in Pondicherry

1.Promenade Beach – Enjoy A Beautiful Sunrise

The tiny coastal city boasts of some beautiful and untouched beaches. Additionally, the city has many beachside promenades. All this adds up to some wonderful locations to observe some of the most amazing sunrises in the country. So wake up early morning or stay up all night long. But do not miss the sunrise for watching the sunrise from the vast expanse of the Bay of Bengal is one of the best things to do in Pondicherry.

2. Paradise Beach Island – Take A Boat Ride

The popular venue offers spectacular boating facilities in Chunnambar River, with the lush green plantations and backwaters in the backdrop. Located along the Cuddalore Main Road, this is an amazing location for relaxing and chilling out. One can also sunbathe here and enjoy magnificent views of the sunset. The boats usually take people up to the placid and picturesque Paradise Island Pondicherry, also known as Plage Paradiso.

3. Ousteri Lake – Birdwatching

Ousteri Lake, also popular as Osudu Lake, is the most picturesque and important freshwater man-made lake of the Pondicherry region. The lake comprises of marshy lands & mudflats and is designated as one of the significant wetlands of Asia by International Union for Conservation of Nature & Natural Resources or IUCN.

4. Temple Adventures Centre – Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is one of the most enthralling and fun things to do at Pondicherry. In fact, Pondicherry is the only diving spot on the eastern coast of India. The place is characterized by natural coral reefs, rocky pop-ups, man-made folds, and a plethora of marine organisms. The marine life includes corals, lionfish, grouper, kingfish, moray eels, eagle, manta rays, parrot fish, sea snakes, triggerfish, angelfish, bannerfish, and crustaceans.

5. Paradise Beach and Karaikal Beach – Water Activities

The quaint town of Pondicherry does not disappoint adventure freaks. Paradise Beach and Karaikal Beach are two of the most popular beaches in Pondicherry for thrilling water sports. Boating, jet skiing, canoeing, kayaking, backwater sailing, and overnight camping along the beach are among the most adventurous activities to do in Pondicherry. In fact, boating in Pondicherry is a very popular activity as it lets you visit the backwaters as well as the most scenic beach in Pondicherry -Paradise Island.

6. Green Quarter – Sightseeing in Pondicherry On Two Wheels

Pondicherry offers fantastic and fascinating guided tours around the classical French colonies and traditional Tamil settlements in vintage bicycles. There are also walking tours that are supervised by English or French speaking guides. The tour encompasses Muslim Quarter (also called Green Quarter), followed by Tamil & French houses, various cultural centres, and traditional & historical places. Explore the city architecture & design, and its people on the Pondy cycle tours.

7. Goubert Avenue – Walk Along the Seafront

Pondicherry has a coastal location and the Goubert Avenue beach road is the perfect location for some exciting and offbeat things to do in Pondicherry with kids, like strolling and leisure walking. You may even spot young couples jogging on the avenue. One can see the seafront crowded with tourists, especially during sunrise and sunset. For recreation, this is one of the best things to do in Pondicherry in December when the weather is at its most pleasant.

8.Serenity Beach – Take Surfing Lessons

Pristine shoreline, golden sparkling sand, glittering waves, and colorful beach shacks sum up the picture of Serenity 9. The Lighthouse – Pamper Your Taste BudsBeach in Pondicherry. Abutted by palm plantations, this gorgeous beach offers a relaxed and chill-out ambiance for the tourists who generally visit for surfing, sunbathing, and rejuvenating. This secluded, serene, and spectacular beach is not at all overcrowded and stands as a significant spot for sightseeing in Pondicherry. From rocks and boulders to fishermen’s boats and nets, and from splashing waves to cozy beach shacks and cafes; the beach has it all. Other than surfing, the beach is also famous for getting some fresh fish from the fishermen (if you have some pro bargaining skills), or maybe just going out for a session of fishing yourself, surely one of the best things to do in Pondicherry, India.

9. The Lighthouse – Pamper Your Taste Buds

Pondicherry is a piece of heaven for food lovers. Trying out various cuisines is one of the top things to do in Pondicherry for food junkies. One can explore all kinds of cuisines; the speciality being French food, continental delicacies, and traditional south Indian cuisine. Everything is mouth-watering and amazingly delicious.

10. Asta – Drink, Dine, Dance And Repeat

Slightly offbeat, but there are some great experiences of nightlife in Pondicherry that you must enjoy. It is one of the most preferred destinations especially among party animals because of tax exemption on liquors. If partying is on your mind, one of many dazzling tourist attractions in Pondicherry is Asta – the Spirited Lounge. Located at 100 Feet Road and owned by The Sunway GRT Grand Pondicherry, Asta is one of the finest lounge bars in the town. The exclusive décor, smart looking furniture, neon lights, dazzling chic crowd, and a wide plethora of beverages – single malts, craft beers, scotch, vodka, wine, and shooters – have enhanced the charm quotient of the nightclub manifold.