10 Things to do in Munsiyari

1.Birthi falls

Falling from the height of 126m, Birthi falls offers an extremely refreshing experience. With lush green surroundings blooming in various colors, it makes for an ideal place to sit and enjoy tea and lunch. Situated at a distance of 35 kms from Munsiyari, do visit this spectacular place.

2.Maheshwari Kund

A beautiful place with a very fascinating legend attached to it, Maheshwari Kund is just a few kilometers walk from Munsiyari. Once cursed by a Yakshi who use to live in a small lake there, the place faced drought for several years. After the villagers apologized to the Yakshi for not letting him marry the sarpanch daughter and emptying the lake in form of revenge, the ritual is practiced even today. However, today one will find a pond there offering nature in its absolutely raw form and a incredible view of Panchachuli Peak.

3.Panchachuli Peak

A prominent peak which is visible from all the main points of Pithoragarh district, Panchachuli peak looks majestic from Munsiyari. The beauty of the five peaks lying in the Johar Valley is so captivating; it adds charm to this already delightful place.

4.Thamari Kund

This enrapturing natural lake perfect for relaxing is bounded by natures beauty in abundance. From Alpine trees to paper trees, this place also houses many Musk Deer and enriched in variety of flora.

5.Kalamuni Top

Located at a distance of 15 km from Munsiyari on the way from Birthi, Kalamuni Top is 9500 feet tall. The place is famous for its Kali Temple dedicated to Naga God. The fantastic view of Panchachuli peak from there flanked by the sprawling pine forest is a place must visit.

6.Khaliya Top

Khuliya Top is an easy 10km trek from Munsiyari. It offers a magnificent view in summers of great Himalayan ranges. The five famous peaks namely Panchachuli, Hardeol, Rajrambha, Nandakot and Nandadevi are clearly visible from here and this makes it an amazing experience for even a first time trekker. With trekking in summers, the winters offer a perfect spot for skiing with snow laden alpine slopes.

7.Shopping in Munsiyari

Munsiyari offers some of the best pashmina shawls and sheepwool carpets. Organic potatoes are grown here and quite famous. However, the shopping can be done only at Main Market.

8.River rafting in Gori Ganga River

The river is a popular spot for white water rafting.


Situated at a height of 9000ft, Betulidhar area is covered with red Rhododendrons in full bloom. However, the most salient feature of this place is absolutely gorgeous sunset and sunrise with an entrancing view of snow covered Himalayas and Balati and Ralam Glaciers.

10.Nanda Devi Temple

The Kumaoni culture, almost always relates everything monumental in the city with Gods. There is a huge culture of deity worship, and the number of those deities can be dizzying. But all the mythology and stories make up for a believable and memorable story to take back with you. The Nanda Devi temple is your iconic structure of typical Kumaoni architecture. It is dated back to 1000 years, and naturally, well preserved. The Nanda Devi Fair, that started in the 16th century, continues here, and falls every August, much to the delight to all the lovers of lesser known mythologies.