Things to do in Kufri


Skiing is one of the most popular and obvious things to do in Kufri during winters. It is essentially the skiing capital of Shimla, owing to the beautiful slopes, the high altitude and snowy peaks that grace the landscape. Whether you’re an amateur or an experienced skier, Kufri has a variety of ski destinations to offer. In fact, every winter, the tourism department of Himachal Pradesh even organizes a winter sports festival. Besides skiing, you can also have a go at tobogganing, where you slide downhill on a sled. The ideal time to try skiing in Kufri would be peak winters, i.e., from mid-December to early February, when a thick, fresh blanket of snow carpets everything.

2.Horse Riding

Kufri is a beautiful destination, and one of the most classic ways to explore its territory is on a horseback. The excitement of horseback riding combined with the thirst for exploration makes the ride unforgettable. If you can brave the slightly rough terrain of the trails, a horse ride to Mahasu Peak is a must-try experience. It is very different from hiking and doesn’t take too long. While the surrounding beauty may captivate you, the ride itself is a bit scary. Safety harnesses are mandatory here. Horse riding used to be one of the most sought-after things to do in Kufri, but of late, its popularity has dwindled considerably. Owing to bumpy, rocky trails, every year, less and less number of travelers opt for horseback rides here.

3.Visit the Himalayan National Park

Spanning an area of 90 hectares, the Himalayan Nature Park in Kufri is one of the most iconic places to visit, especially if you’re fond of plants, biodiversity, and a nature lover. Besides housing a diverse range of animal species and over 180 avian species, you are also treated to some of the most incredible views of the Himalayan mountains. Whether you opt for a guided tour of the park or prefer exploring the best of it by yourself, a visit to the Himalayan Nature Park is one of the most refreshing things to do in Kufri. Besides harboring some of the most beautiful Himalayan flora and fauna, the park is essentially a scientific center for knowledge on animal welfare and conservation of nature.

4.Yak Rides

One of the most unique and interesting things to do in Kufri is to take a yak ride, an experience entirely different from horseback rides. Kufri is one of the rare few places in India where yak rides are possible. Enjoy galloping through the beautiful mountain and forest trails on a yak, as the panoramic mountain ranges unfurl before you. Best experienced during winters, it is truly mesmerizing to see how yaks function in the bone-chilling weather of Kufri. The Travel and Tourism Department of Himachal Pradesh actively organizes yak rides every year, especially during peak winters. While it is an enriching experience, you must respect yaks and other animals that thrive here. Do not irritate them, as they can be dangerous when agitated.

5.Visit Mahasu Peak

Amongst the most exciting things to do in Kufri, a hike up the famous Mahasu Peak bags the trophy. Opening up to stunning views of the incredible Kedarnath and Badrinath mountain ranges, the trail punches into a dense forest of deodar right up to the summit. The Mahasu ridge is one of the most ideal places to practice and sharpen your skiing skills before you hit more challenging terrains. You also have the option of taking a horseback ride up the mountain, but it’s quite a risky ordeal, although a whole other experience if done right. Winter is the best time to hike up the Mahasu Peak, when snow drapes the forest and trails. Your Kufri trip is essentially incomplete without a hike up this iconic destination.

6.Kufri Fun World

One of the most entertaining things to do in Kufri is a visit to the famous Kufri Fun World with your little ones. Perched atop the Mahasu Peak, at about 9,000 ft., the amusement park is lined with various adrenaline-pumping rides that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Amongst other things, Kufri Fun World is lauded most for its iconic go-karting rides, as is one the world’s highest go-karting tracks. In order to reach the park though, you have to hike through the mountain, or hire a mule to carry you there. It also houses a canteen which offers some of the most delicious food, both local and continental. With the plethora of swings and rides that the park is home to, this will easily be the highlight for the trip for your kids. Try planning a trip during the winters for a truly unrivaled experience!

7.Enjoy Tobogganing

Another winter sport, besides skiing, that has been gaining quick popularity is tobogganing. With a relatively simple concept where you slide down snowy slopes on a sled, it is a truly exciting activity to engage in. Being reminiscent of elders simpler times, tobogganing literally brings out the child in you as you go shrieking down the hill. The window from mid-December to early February is ideal for tobogganing in Kufri, when there’s the untouched whiteness of snow as far as the eyes can see. Replete with various snow-clad peaks and yawning valleys, Kufri offers you the perfect opportunity to experience winter sport, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a full-fledged professional. Hit the slopes with your sled, sit back, and let the mountains take over.