Things to do in Naukuchiatal

1.Behold the magnificent vistas of Mukteshwar

Mukteshwar is a lovely hamlet snuggled cosily amidst the giant hills of Kumaon. It is about 40 km away from Naukuchiatal, further ahead of Ramgarh. At an average elevation of 7500 ft above sea level.

2.Drive to Ramgarh

​A lovely winding one hour drive from Naukuchiatal to Ramgarh offers interesting vistas all the way. Deep valleys with stepped terraces, distant hills and tall pine trees give a glimpse of the beautiful landscape.

3.Visit the seven lakes of Sattal

Sattal Lake, a few kilometres away from Naukuchiatal, leaves most of its visitors speechless with its sheer beauty. It will take a while before you gain your composure after taking a long glance of this place.

4.Explore the serene Bhimtal

While Naukuchitalal has colourful boats on its lake, Bhimtal, a short drive away, is known for its shikaras. Possessing an old world charm, this town is beautiful and its pedestrian roads are the quite the highlight.

5.Paraglide over Naukuchiatal

When in Naukuchiatal, the quirkiest way to explore is to have a bird’s view of this quaint hill station. Paragliding over the landscape of Naukuchiatal is definitely an exhilarating experience.

6.Explore the serene Naukuchiatal Lake

A pedal boat ride on the cold shimmering waters of Naukuchiatal is a surreal experience and it is highly likely that your mind would wander away amidst the gorgeous waterscape.