10 Things to do in Aligarh

1.Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid is the oldest historical monuments located in the Upper Fort area of Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. The founder of Aligarh Muslim University, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, started building this establishment within the foreground of the university in 1879. The masjid was commemorated in January 1915. Since then, it had begun the Muslim ritual of reading Namaz at 5:00 AM. The in-built capacity of the mosque is 1000 people.

2.Aligarh Fort

Aligarh Fort, which also goes by the names Aligarh Quila, Baunasaur Quila and Ramgarh Quila is situated in Qila, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. Managed by the Aligarh Muslim University, this structure represents historic Islamic influences from an earlier era through its exquisite architecture and intricate symbolic carvings. The magnificent edifice features distinguishing minarets, bastions, terraces, and a grand arched entrance that announces its presence to the general public. There is a garden, supervised by the Botanical Department of Aligarh Muslim University, adds to the grandeur of the fort, with its diverse variety of vibrant flowers, trees and animal species such as delicate koel birds, beautiful peacocks and ferrets among others.


Sky High is the only internationally recognised sky-diving drop zone in India. It is a four-year-old sport-cum-business that attracts those seeking thrill and an escape from their mundane routine. Its propagator, Rudra Bhanu Solanki is an Arizona certified trainee who practices tandem jumps here. The participants are provided with a certificate and merchandise after successful completion of their dive. There are specific guidelines that Sky High abides by (Visit Thing to Keep in Mind for more). They provide the participants with a record of their fall shot on a video and/or camera. Sky High prioritises the safety of its participants over their zeal, and therefore, it is a mandatory measure to provide a medical certificate of the participants stating their fitness. This is followed by signature on legal documentation, training and finally the dive. This activity’s dependence on weather can be frustrating, and at times the necessary measure to either prepone or postpone the activity are taken.

4.Sir Syed House Museum

Sir Syed House Museum is located in the heart of Aligarh Muslim University. It is a very well known art gallery amongst the locals. Formerly the museum was Sir Syed’s home which was later converted into a museum. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was a great dignitary; he was the founder of Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental College which was then converted into Aligarh Muslim University in 1920.

5.Naqvi Park

Located in Aligarh city, one of the oldest cities of Uttar Pradesh, Naqvi Park is one of the most popular and most visited parks of the city. Also known as Rajkeey Udhhan Jawahar Park, the park is well-known for its lush green surroundings and fountains that intensify the beauty of the park. The park also houses walking paths and playgrounds that attract the old as well as children, as well as a plant nursery open for sale.

6.Khereshwar Temple

Located in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, the Khereshwar Temple is enshrined with a holy Shiva linga, which is so small that it is popularly known as Invisible Shiva linga, along with several brass idols of other Hindu deities. Believed to be over thousands of years old, the temple witnesses numerous devotees visiting in belief about the age-old myths and legends about the Dvapara Yuga. On the occasion of Maha Shivratri each year, devotees from all over India swarm to the Khereshwar Temple.