10 Things to do in Corbett

1.Jungle Safari

Covering a vast area of the ecologically rich and diverse foothills of the Himalayas, the Jim Corbett National Park, part of the enormous and all-inclusive Corbett Tiger Reserve. The coexistence of the resident animals, birds and reptiles with the vast ecosphere combining the ravines and ridges of the lesser Himalayas with the subtropical and deciduous forests and minor streams makes it worth spending a good chunk of the day traversing the area. The only permissible way to do so is to avail the safari services offered at the park. There are five safari zones in the Corbett National park: the Bijrani zone, the Jhirna zone, the Durgadevi zone, the Dhela zone, and the Dhikala zone. Additionally, the Corbett Tiger Reserve also holds the Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary, also known as the Sitabani Zone, though this fall outside the Corbett National Park.

2.Elephant Ride in Corbett National Park

Often enjoyed as safaris, these gentle animals are up for a tour in the Bijrani, Khinanauli, Gairal, Jhirna and Dhikala regions.

3.Corbett Waterfall

This 66 ft. high waterfall is a sight to witness, especially on full-moon nights. Nature lovers often camp and come on a picnic near this fall. This place is surrounded by dense forests and offers a very serene environment.

4.River Rafting in Corbett National Park

River rafting in the Kosi is one of the most beautiful ways to enjoy the speedy waters. Some adventure water sports are also organized on the river.

5.Garjia Temple

Dedicated to Goddess Parvati, Garjia Devi temple perched atop a huge rock in the midst of Kosi River is also home to the deities of Baba Bhairon, Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha and Goddess Saraswati.A large fair is conducted in the temple on Karthik Poornima.

6.Corbett Museum

Located at Kaladhungi, Corbett Museum is a bungalow that earlier belonged to Jim Corbett- the well known tiger conservationist and contains his memoirs, his personal belongings, letters written by him as well as his friends and well wishers, antiques and rare photographs.

7.Dhikala, Jim Corbet national park

Corbett National Park is one of the oldest and most well-known wildlife sanctuaries in India. Established in 1936, the national park is named after renowned hunter turned nature conservationist Jim Corbett. Its location in Nainital, Uttaranchal is an ode to the exotic natural beauty of India, and the Dhikala Forest Lodge is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience this wilderness in all its primitive glory. Operated under the administration of the Forest Department of Indian Government, the Lodge is conveniently situated bang in the middle of the jungle, making it an elite destination for tourists. Wildlife enthusiasts from India and all over the world come to the lodge not only to enjoy the diverse variety of wildlife found in the forest but to enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding valley, grasslands, and the Ramganga River.


Birjani formed the shooting block area of the park in earlier times. The terrain is drier and has diverse vegetation than Dhikala.


Jhirna is a farming village turned into a park resort located inside the south area boundary. The Jhirna landscape is green but drier than Dhikala.

10.Kosi River

Kosi River is a famous attraction for its picturesque location with a breathtaking view of the hills in the backdrop and pristine clear waters. Kosi originates from Darpani Dhar flows through the valleys before touching the eastern periphery of the National Park. It doesn't really enter the park boundary but is a major source of water for the wildlife.