Relling Rangit River Resort

RELLING RANGIT RIVER RESORT Out of the many beautiful day trips from Darjeeling, Bijanbari will rate as one of the best. Bijanbari is a small town located at a valley and at an altitude of about 2,500ft (i.e. 760m). There is a winding scenic road that goes down from the Ghoom area all the way down to this sleepy town over a stretch of 22 kilometers (14 miles). On the way you will pass by some lovely mountain streams, waterfalls, prize winning tea gardens and unspoiled forests. Over this stretch the road drops by about 4800 ft. Some 13km (i.e. about 8 miles) along this road you will see the great Hima Falls which is also a popular picnic spot. There is a beautiful bridge that crosses over the falls stream.

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